Club Rules
  • Must be 21 years of age or older to enter and proper ID is required at the door.
  • Smoking of any kind is NOT allowed inside party area....we do have a smoking area set up outside. That also includes vaping devices.
  • Violence will NOT be tolerated. Anyone engaged in such will be removed from the premises and possible membership revoked.
  • If you are another club owner please respect the club your at and do not politic your event, that's just rude...Let the club personal do the announcements if they desire to do so....
  • No recording devices of any kind! What goes on at our private parties stays private! No cell phones are to be used inside the party area. Please step outside the doors. We share and respect your desire for privacy and security. Therefore, we have security personnel at the door.
  • NO Adult play in the restrooms or any other public location of the hotel or you will be asked to leave for the evening.
  • Those coming to or leaving the party area must be covered at all times in any public area of the hotel and have a hand stamp/wristbands to re-enter.
  • Sweet Desires does NOT sell alcohol and is strictly a BYOB affair. We do provide mixers and a complimentary snack buffett.
  • Member's are allowed to bring ONE single male quest. You will be responsible for your quest at all times. Members may bring as many Couples & Singles Ladies as you like..
  • Respect: NO means NO!!! Anyone that does not understand will be asked to leave. If you tell someone NO or your not interested and they still bother you please let us know and we will take care of the problem right then.
  • Our private parties are PRIVATE, so PLEASE do not give out the location of the party to anyone.
  • All members of the media or law enforcement must identify themselves as such prior to obtaining membership with Sweet Desires.
  • HAVE A GREAT TIME AND LOT OF FUN!! This rule is enforced.
  • By submitting a form to our party you are agreeing that you have read all the rules and regulations of the private party by invitation and agree with them.

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